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Graceful Degradation: Creating an Immersive Inauguration Experience

Final view of map

In which having a strong concept allows us to start from a big idea and arrive at a realistic project.

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Evolution of Live Monitoring: Twitter and the Egypt Elections

Egypt elections monitoring

One of the most common questions I get from people is how to start from nothing and develop an effective social media monitoring scheme. Here’s one example, from liveblogging the Egyptian elections.

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Making the News Relevant: What’s Your 9/11?

What's Your 9/11?

Our goal was to build a living database of these life-altering events, as seen through the eyes of those who experienced them. In doing so, we hoped to not only memorialize 9/11, but also make it relevant to our global audience.

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Acting Quickly to Build a Community: The Religion Project

Screenshot from Religion Project site

How a single Facebook post inspired an entire project, and drove some of our highest-ever engagement.

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Liveblogging the Japan Tsunami

Japan earthquake liveblog

In which Twitter proves its importance yet again in a breaking news situation.

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Photo Essay: Peace Corps Volunteers Share 50 Years of Memories

Screengrab from the Peace Corps 50th anniversary photo essay

Finding a unique way to tell the story of the Peace Corps’ 50th anniversary, through the photos and stories of returned volunteers.

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Chinese New Year Where I Am – Mapping UGC Photos

Flickr map Chinese New Year

A fun little project to collect and map photos of Lunar New Year celebrations around the world.

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Election Night CoveritLive and Webcast Analysis

USA Votes 2010

Why the overkill? As some news organizations start to figure out that curation is more valuable than the firehose, most seem to be just throwing everything at the wall.

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