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Mandela, through his own words

Mandela project

A video tribute to Nelson Mandela through the words of one of his most famous speeches.

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Graceful Degradation: Creating an Immersive Inauguration Experience

Final view of map

In which having a strong concept allows us to start from a big idea and arrive at a realistic project.

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Identifying and Fulfilling Audience Needs: Live Kenya, Somalia Q&A

How an analytics deep dive can successfully drive project design, plus a great real-world application of Google’s realtime analytics.

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Making the News Relevant: What’s Your 9/11?

What's Your 9/11?

Our goal was to build a living database of these life-altering events, as seen through the eyes of those who experienced them. In doing so, we hoped to not only memorialize 9/11, but also make it relevant to our global audience.

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Acting Quickly to Build a Community: The Religion Project

Screenshot from Religion Project site

How a single Facebook post inspired an entire project, and drove some of our highest-ever engagement.

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Clips: How To Make a UN Agency in Five Easy Steps


A look back at the creation of UN Women, plus my first-ever scripted radio package!

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Sudan in Focus – Web Special Report

Sudan in Focus screenshot

The closest I’ve been allowed to come to implementing a wiki-news approach to topic pages.

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Liveblogging the Japan Tsunami

Japan earthquake liveblog

In which Twitter proves its importance yet again in a breaking news situation.

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Crossmedia storytelling: Telling Stories in Sudan

Telling Stories in Sudan | Africa | English_1309036347020

A really gorgeous audio storytelling project gets a digital companion to (hopefully) match.

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Photo Essay: Peace Corps Volunteers Share 50 Years of Memories

Screengrab from the Peace Corps 50th anniversary photo essay

Finding a unique way to tell the story of the Peace Corps’ 50th anniversary, through the photos and stories of returned volunteers.

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