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In which I do a passable impression of a graphic designer

I was complaining about the flyers for our last show (in fact, I complain about a lot of flyers – please don’t do them in Photoshop if you’re using text. It’s not going to turn out well for you), and

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Who won the Sochi Olympics?

Which country won the Sochi Olympics? It seems like a relatively simple question, but while these Olympics were wrapping up, I fell down a rabbithole of how complicated it becomes when you start to think about it. For a while

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The creepiest Cumberbatch gear you can buy on Etsy

Have you ever searched Etsy for Benedict Cumberbatch fan products? Don’t. The results are effing creepy. Like, if-I-was-Benedict-Cumberbatch-I-would-live-in-constant-fear-of-meeting-the-person-who-would-buy-this creepy. Want to see the weirdest and most skin-crawling of what’s out there. Yes you do! Let’s set the stage here. These

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Failed adventures in videography

We went to Comic Con with an iPhone reporting kit. Hardware included: an Owle case, several mic attachments and a clip on light. Software was the Filmic Pro app. I think it’s fair to say it took us a little

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Not Work-Related: Infographic Design

Being Human US and UK infographic

Putting my graphic design knowledge to work on a decidedly lighter topic than my usual fare: a TV scifi-comedy-drama.

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Minecraft office prank

Our friend Dino’s office looked too much like an office and not enough like a Minecraft mob spawner room. So, for his birthday, we fixed that.

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