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Making Twitter Your Newswire

Twitter 4 day training

Four sessions of an hour each to take a group of reporters who had never seen Twitter before, and get them to the point where they felt empowered to start playing with it.

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About me

Twitter profile pic

Hi, I’m Jessica, a digital and social media editor/producer/strategist for the Voice of America.

I get excited about storytelling that pushes me to see the world through new eyes, or teaches me something I didn’t know I really wanted to know. And a site that does serendipity right can hook me for hours.

I’m a social media enthusiast, but also a pragmatist. Social media has to be done strategically, using the right tools to achieve the right objectives. My favorite quote comes from my VOA colleague, after sitting through our 16th or so social media training about Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc.: “Tools are still not strategy.” Fact.

Anyway, this site will tell you a bit about me, share a bunch of the projects I’ve worked on, and pass along some of the trainings I’ve conducted. I share failures and moderate successes alongside the full-blown successes, and feedback is always welcome if you have it (just be kind!).

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Acting Quickly to Build a Community: The Religion Project

Screenshot from Religion Project site

How a single Facebook post inspired an entire project, and drove some of our highest-ever engagement.

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The Religion Project: Analysis

Screenshot from Religion Project site

Looking deeper at the good and bad of the Facebook/Tumblr-based religion project.

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Clips: How To Make a UN Agency in Five Easy Steps


A look back at the creation of UN Women, plus my first-ever scripted radio package!

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Sudan in Focus – Web Special Report

Sudan in Focus screenshot

The closest I’ve been allowed to come to implementing a wiki-news approach to topic pages.

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Liveblogging the Japan Tsunami

Japan earthquake liveblog

In which Twitter proves its importance yet again in a breaking news situation.

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Crossmedia storytelling: Telling Stories in Sudan

Telling Stories in Sudan | Africa | English_1309036347020

A really gorgeous audio storytelling project gets a digital companion to (hopefully) match.

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Photo Essay: Peace Corps Volunteers Share 50 Years of Memories

Screengrab from the Peace Corps 50th anniversary photo essay

Finding a unique way to tell the story of the Peace Corps’ 50th anniversary, through the photos and stories of returned volunteers.

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Chinese New Year Where I Am – Mapping UGC Photos

Flickr map Chinese New Year

A fun little project to collect and map photos of Lunar New Year celebrations around the world.

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