In which I do a passable impression of a graphic designer

I was complaining about the flyers for our last show (in fact, I complain about a lot of flyers – please don’t do them in Photoshop if you’re using text. It’s not going to turn out well for you), and lo and behold I got the opportunity to design new ones for this show. “Got the opportunity” might be strong. “Was not going to charge and could do it in less than a day” is more accurate.

It was a bit challenging because they had to be postcard-sized (that is, tiny), the choreographer wanted a ton of information on them, and he had a specific image that he wanted to feature. But I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty pleased with the results…


In retrospect, I do think that text at the bottom should have been a serif font. Or something. It looks a little too round and not quite business-like enough. But it’s not bothering me enough to make a federal case out of it.

Then he tried to crop this to use it for a Facebook cover image. Not surprisingly that didn’t go well for him. So I quick made a promo image that was the right size for that space.

The challenge with Facebook cover images is that they convert your image down to a lower quality jpeg, making it look crappy. So I had to introduce some texture to the big title text for it to not look noisy. If I had anticipated this in advance, I would have redesigned the flyer to match. Cause I sort of like this better. Plus the III would make a kickass Facebook logo (as much as I internally grumbled about replacing a T with a III)…


So, I’m aware that the two images don’t match. And that when you put them next to each other it’s quite obvious that the pink on the second one is way more sophisticated (and that the letters are stretched a little bit long to compensate for the horizontal striping). But not bad, right? Especially considering this was the last poster.


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