Evolution of Live Monitoring: Twitter and the Egypt Elections

My Middle East colleagues were liveblogging the first round of the Egyptian elections, and I offered to help them on the social media side.  They had an Arabic speaker working with them, so I focused only on English language content.

You can see the raw information I collected on my Tumblr (day 1 and day 2), and the liveblog they compiled is on the VOA website.

Once it was over, I thought it would be useful to put together a recap and illustrate how to find and monitor trends.  This is among the most common questions I get from people about social media – how to start from essentially nothing and develop an effective monitoring scheme.  The answer is to start with a general search and break it down as you start noticing patterns and important people.

Here’s how that worked in this particular case (click to view full size):

Egypt elections monitoring

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