In Depth Social Media Training: Personal Branding, Story Development

I recently spent 6 weeks working with a newsroom on incorporating social media into how they brand themselves and their products, and how they can incorporate social media into how they source and report stories.

The thing that really struck home for me in doing this, which is something I’ve always believed but it became really important in doing the reporting side of the training, is how inseparable social media is from digital media and reporting in general. These are not things that happen in isolation – they’re intrinsically linked together and need to support each other and feed back onto each other. We ended up using a lot of the sourcing/reporting training to talk about story development, and how social media plays into that process and ties together with other ways they already understand for finding and developing story ideas.

Anyway, I thought the training was really well-organized, and we had written a lot of it down in Google Docs and such, so I pulled all our materials together into one document to share with others who might want to use it as a jumping off point for developing similar trainings.

Many thanks to the wonderful Rebecca Shakespeare, who came up with a lot of the innovative ideas in here.

Six Week Social Media Newsroom Training Plan

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