Social Media Workflow for Radio News Show

This workflow was designed for a regional radio news program. They’re lucky enough to have one dedicated person working on social media, so there’s room to divvy up responsibilities. The idea behind this is that everyone is using social media – reporters, producers, hosts and social media “team” – in some capacity.

The reporters and hosts use social media to complement and improve the tasks they’re already doing; in particular finding and reporting stories, and connecting with the audience.

The social media person engages more deeply, managing the show’s communities and keeping a deeper eye on trends and developments, as well as taking the lead on creating and managing projects that cross platforms.

But the goal should be that everything integrates together, hence all the arrows going back and forth. Everyone is sharing information and leads and sources back and forth. When a reporter is working on a story, the social media person can tap into the show’s community to help if appropriate, or can help the reporter out by doing a deep dive to find sources and multimedia. When the social media person is putting together content for social media, they’re also thinking about how it could be used on the website and in the radio show.

Social Media Workflow

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